RTV - Return to Vendor

You can ask for RTV within 10  working days from the delivery date of your order.
Please note following rules to authorize a RTV:

    The products must be complete in all its parts , included labels and disposable seal.
    The box must be intact, with sealing tape and our address specified outside.
    The same box ,or a similar one in weight and dimension, must be used to return.
    To get reimburse the procedure must be followed very carefully.

We remind you, we can reimburse only the products sent back in a correct manner. If your RTV will not fulfil the above conditions , Conte of Florence will not be able to reimburse and the box will be sent back to your address, at your charge.
n case of return, free delivery promotion is only valid if the remaining amount of the order is above this threshold.
Finally, please take duly note:

    You can send back the product only from the country the box was originally delivered.
    Substitution of products are not allowed.
    in case of orders with more than one products inside, RTV is accepted for one single shipment ( even of more products if need be) , but at the same time. No further RTV are allowed on the same order.
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