The formula
A simple, extremely effective franchising formula to guarantee Franchisee one of the market’s highest constant profit margins.
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The ideal
A location with an ideal surface area of between 80 and 120 square metres in a town’s main shopping streets or in a big modern Shopping Centre.
Conte of Florence grants the Franchisee an exclusive sales area, with the aim of ensuring the best direct distribution of its products throughout the country. The area of reference may coincide with a certain geographical area, or may be identified with different criteria that take into consideration not only divisions of a geographical nature, but also distribution channels, customer groups, potential customer categories and other miscellaneous criteria.
The most up to date marketing and communication strategies, numerous direct-marketing initiatives and a series of customized materials designed to increase customer loyalty are put at the Franchisee’s disposal.
Conte of Florence assists the Franchisee in all the steps of the project development: customer base analysis, location research, layout project, economics analysis, sales management. Everything aimed at the maximum profitability.
If you are interested in opening a Conte of Florence Boutique, click here
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